Green Building Oasis Home!​​​

Green Building Oasis Home!​​

A Green building that is of a high-quality design, construction, and low maintenance. We support the - Bay Area’s Sustainable Development Plan - 2050‌ -

Urbaniz by growing up
or infill, not out

Create affordable housing in your own lot by adding an ADU, applying SB-9, and remodeling existing homes in a high-quality manner following Green Building Requirements and Codes.

Develop cities for people,
not cars

Single-family homes can now convert their Accessory Structures and Garage Structures into ADUs.  This can help people live a more balanced lifestyle, ADUs are pedestrian-friendly and transit-oriented.

Be a more
vibrant community

The Bay Area is an innovation leader, creating quality job opportunities and  ADUs make a positive impact on our local economy. Homes and ADU Homes should be designed for safety and gathering.

Achieve Environmental Sustainability goals

ADU are high-quality Homes, built to meet Building Codes and Green Building Principals, Community Design, Energy and water efficiency, resource conservation and indoor air quality. 

Build cities
of great places

These multi-purpose and multi-generation living solutions make a great Guest House, an ideal home office, an art studio, or a home gym. Homes and ADU Homes should be accessible and adaptable, designed for safety and gathering. 

A green Building has been designed and built with a whole system approach

We believe in the benefits of building it green.

Environmental benefits

Reduces the impact on natural resources and protects the quality of the ir air and water. 

Community Benefits

Minimizes strains on local resources and infrastructure, improves the quality of life and building life cycle. 

Health and Safity benefits

Enhances the occupant's comfort and health, as well as the grater community

Economic benefits

Improves the bottom line for occupants, owners, building professionals, and the community.

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