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Plans & Permits - ADU Homes & Home Remodeling

Our team of Project Planners and Creative HomeDesigners help our clients with the creation of Building Plans, Construction Documents, and Project Specifications that can then go to the Local municipality for Permits and help Drive the project during Construction.
Building Codes & Green Building requirements Codes and regulations help keep your property safe and assure the quality of your investment. Codes and regulations are required by law.
We work with our customers in establishing the appropriate design goals of the project and interpreting those goals in comprehensive documents/drawings for their remodeling.
Maybe they want to renew in a recently acquired home or remodel with a long time projection of enjoyment.
We have acquired a reputation for quality and compromise to follow industry standards as well as Green Building practices and local codes.

Construction Docs for Permits

Phase One

Existing Conditions & Code Research - We use the latest technology in project Planning and Home Design, such as Drone photography, 3D models, and Professional CAD files to best document Existing Conditions and start the process of Team Collaboration with Building officials, Professional consultants and Construction professionals, as it relates to the project.

Phase Two

Space Planning - We carefully study our client’s wants and needs, and help the client make decisions aimed at meeting project - Scope of work - . We make sure to apply home design principles and standards and Building Codes, to meet our client’s needs and to comply with the City or County regulations.

Phase three

Project Specifications - Final Blueprints and Project Specification Documents are createdare as per the specifics of the project. Building Codes and Green building requirements are again reviewed and documented and the collaboration with Industry Professionals and project consultants are coordinated so to be ready for Submittal.

Phase four

The permitting process -We act as agents on behave of the Home Owner or Contractor to conduct code research and manage building permit applications, submittal appointments, and follow-ups with the County or City, until permits are issued. We are keeping up to date w ith permit legislation and city requirements so you don’t have to.

Interior Design and Materials Specifications

Our team of Creative Home Designers can advise you on the latest Desing Trends and the best Material Selection. We can also help build relationships with qualified and experienced Professionals and Local vendors. We can create and follow up with Work Orders and Purchase Orders.

Project Planning

Permit Technician Services

Creative home Design

We promote sustainable development through responsible design and construction.

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