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What are ADUs

(Accessory Building Units)?

ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) also known as Backyard Cottages, Granny Units, or In-law Units. These are secondary small-footprint homes, completely independent, in the same lot.

ADU Homes are allowed in all cities in California and the law requires local jurisdictions to ease regulations to support the creation of new ADUs.

Why should you build an ADU?

Invest in your own home by adding an ADU Home

ADUs help people have more space either for their own use or rental income. They make a great Guest House, an ideal home office, an art studio, or a home gym.

Create affordable housing by adding an ADU

They make a positive impact on our local economy and can help people live a more balanced lifestyle.

Age in place with your new ADU Home

These multi-purpose and multi-generation living solutions fit a variety of lifestyles and are great for sustaining friends and family members.

Promote the sustainable development of the community with an ADU Home

ADUs are built following Building Codes and Green Building practices to ensure that homes are safe and remain a sound investment for years to come.

Types of ADUs

Accessory Dwelling Units

ADU Detached

This is a freestanding newly and legally constructed separate accessory building.

ADU Attached

This Is a new ADU that is constructed as an addition to the primary dwelling and is attached to the Single Family Dwelling Unit by one or more common, 1-hour wall.

ADU Garage Conversions

The conversion of an existing garage and accessory buildings is now permitted, provided that local planning ADU design guidelines and Building codes are met. This might involve utility separation, 1-hour wall creation, providing a vapor berrier for concrete slabs, and structural retrofits to hold insulation and drywall. 

ADU Detached
Garage Conversion

ADU Attached
Garage Conversion

ADU JADU - Junior

Converted space, within the existing home, under 500 SF and with a maximum of 150 SF addition, can become a Junior ADU (JADU). JADU can have a private entrance, and prep area and can share services with the main home.

Tiny Home

Are allowed for single-family homes only. These are Dwelling Units with a maximum of 400 sq ft of floor area, that must be registered with the DMV and be certified Prefabricated homes. They must be towable by a bumper hitch, frame-towing hitch, or fifth-wheel connection and cannot move under their own power.

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