Planning Development

Our experience enables us to comply with the city permits and green building requirements

We arrange all the permits and procedures your project needs, following the City and State´s standards.

We use the latest technology in Planning, Design such as Drone photography, 3D models, and Professional CAD files is the best way for Team Collaboration with Building officials, Professional consultants and Construction professionals. Our set of Construction Documents helps clients better manage Planing, Design and Construction.

What are the building permits benefits?


There are the essential steps to accomplish a complete set of Construction Documents / Ready for construction As easy as one, two, three and four … You wish, but here is what we are going to need.

Space Plannig & Project Specifications

We carefully study our cleint’s wants and needs, and apply quality home design principles and standards, Building Codes and Green Building requirements.

Existing Conditions & Code Research

We use the latest technology in project Planning and Home Design, such as Drone photography, 3D models and Professional CAD files to best document Exsiting Conditions and start the process of Team Collaboration with Building officials, Professional consultants and Construction professionals, as it relates to the project.

Building Codes & Green Building requirements

Codes and regulations help keep your property safe and assure the quality of your investment. Codes and regulations are required by law.


The permitting process -As acting as agenets on behave of Home Owner or Contractor, we getting an Initial Submital Appointment and send Construction Documents. We then stand behind our Construction Docs as they get verified by Building Officials in the different departments and Manage and coordinate all Building Permit Applications. Plans can always return with comments indicating clarifications and requesting additional informationa and then Permmits are issued.


Code enforcement cases - HOME INSPECTION

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